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Based in Brisbane, Emma specialises in motherhood photography which includes maternity, birth, newborn and motherhood connection sessions. From her many years working as a midwife surrounded by the beauty of motherhood, Emma was inspired to become a photographer to capture the incredible moments each family experiences when welcoming a new baby into the world.

Emma’s vision is to capture the most pure, emotional, and incredible transition in a woman’s life journey, motherhood. The challenges, joy, and triumph. In January 2016 Emma received international recognition when one of her images went viral and was featured in news articles across the world. In July 2016 she was voted Ausmumpreneur Award Finalist for her work promoting evidence based information and empowering women through imagery.


Emma is an experienced birth photographer, who has photographed births at home, birth centers, and hospitals. She provides a gentle, supportive, and professional experience to her clients.



I really believe that Birth Photography is something you have to see to 'get it'.  When I look at the photos and watch my video I am transported right back to that beautiful night that I experienced the most beautiful home birth of my son Bodhi. Nothing can compare to that moment when you and your baby meet for the first time...when two become three... when your family is born. They say that the memories of your birth and the first few moments after fade so quickly and I sadly found this to be true.

My birth was the most amazing experience of my life. Having such an occasion captured by Emma as our birth photographer was equally amazing. Being in the midst of it all I never wanted to forget how it all unfolded, the details, those moments. Emma has an amazing ability to capture not only the big moments, but all the little details that I never knew even happened, let alone could have ever remembered. Rather than Mark taking photos, having a birth photographer allowed him to experience our birth in the way he wanted to and be in the photos!

Emma is an absolute professional, her highest priority is respect and care for a positive birth experience. We got to know Emma before our birth and found her to be one of the most beautiful and special people we have met. We both felt a connection with her immediately and knew she was the photographer for us.

I’m still not sure exactly how she manages to capture such unique images of such specific and detailed moments that pass in a split second, but she does.  There are not many people that can insert themselves into a baby’s birth in such a beautiful manner and with such incredible heart as Emma does.  I barely noticed that she was taking photos, her presence was warm, encouraging and supportive

After seeing the final product, I cannot imagine experiencing birth without having pictures to save those memories - especially the moments I wasn't able to focus on at the time. My child’s birth photographs and video are my most treasured possessions and Emmahas become a special friend and forever a very special person in Bodhi’s life.

Hayley Cotton

Emma recently attended the birth of our second child as a birth photographer. I was very impressed with her ability to capture candid moments of myself, my daughter and my partner while she was in labour. The images are amazing and will become a cherished record of the birth of our son. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone else looking for professional birth photography.

Sam Oliver

Emma attended the birth of our second child at home. Emma's presence was not only calming but i felt comfortable with her in our sacred space because of her years of experience as a midwife. she knows birth and what it means to a woman to have a calm and empowering birth experience.
The photos that Emma took for us capture so much emotion and love. Emma has an amazing ability to see so much honest beauty and captures it with her camera so perfectly. Our photos are truly beautiful and we are so grateful that we have them.

Emma Wallace

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