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Motherhood - Caitlin

Weekends with Sadie- Brisbane Family Photography

Let me tell you a story about a Brisbane family of four. Mia and Jon fell in love after being introduced at a party by their best friends who were dating. They actually went to high school together, but Jon doesn't remember Mia, while Mia was secretly crushing on him from way back. 

Brisbane Family Photographer

As couples do, they decided to start a family.

Enter Indie...

Brisbane family photographer

Mia was about to discover that pregnancy is not always sunshine and rainbows mixed with the uncomfortable feelings of a growing being pushing your organs aside as they drain your body of nutrients. Mia won the worst ever pregnancy lottery, the prize?

Hyperemesis gravidarum.

As someone who also has experienced this I can attest to the fact that it feels as though you are vomiting up your soul because everything else has already left your body. 

Brisbane family photographer

But eventually Indie was born and despite screaming constantly for the first three months of her life she brought them so much joy with her cheeky smiles and curly hair that they decided to do it all again. 

Enter River...

Brisbane family photographer-123.jpg

Now River was not going to let Indie take all the glory of being the most difficult pregnancy. So again Mia had hyperemesis gravidarum. 

But another curve ball was thrown when they discovered that sweet River had a cleft lip and palate which required several surgeries after he was born. He is still waiting on one more!

Brisbane family photographer-29.jpg

Mia pumped breastmilk for NINE MONTHS to feed River. Which if you have ever pumped you know that is a HUGE task not only physically but mentally and emotionally. 

Brisbane family photographer-197.jpg

So after two horrific pregnancies and a challenging start to parenthood with both their children, Mia and Jon finally had their family. But life had been crazy, intense and isolating as they spent so long just surviving each day at home. 


But wait, who is this Sadie? And why are they spending the weekends with her?

Enter Sadie...

Brisbane family photographer-136.jpg

Sadie is the 1971 Viscount Ambassador that Mia and Jon decided to buy after realising that spending quality time together is what is most important in life; and adventuring together and exploring as a family was how they were going to spend their weekends. 

Brisbane family photographer-162.jpg

As a avid OP shopper and bargain hunter (almost everything Mia buys is second hand) it's no surprise she chose this little beauty as their van. I asked Mia what made her choose this style of caravan, thinking probably because its "trendy". But NOPE, she told me it was purely because she looked on gumtree and clicked the "cheapest first" filter...haha! 

Brisbane family photographer-198.jpg

So where did the name "Sadie" come from? Well Mia loved the name, and wanted to use it for Indie. But after so many people referencing the 1968 Jonnie Farnham classic "Sadie the cleaning lady" she felt she couldn't use it for Indie, but it was PERFECT for their adventure mobile! 

Brisbane family photographer-74.jpg

They have already travelled far and wide searching out adventure with Sadie. They have seen waterfalls, mountain tops, beaches and long dirt roads. Their favourite spots are free camps because they are out in really random spots with no phone reception, where you can light fires and disconnect from the world for a few days while truly connecting with each other. Nothing brings family closer than sleeping in a 6x2m caravan you know?! 

Brisbane family photographer-150.jpg

Life is so much better with Sadie, not perfect...nothing is ever perfect. But the future is brighter and happier from here. So this is their story, or at least the first few chapters.

I think the best is yet to come!

I'll leave you with a few more of my favourites from their session, because I love so many I wish I could share them all!

Brisbane family photographer-24.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-33.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-35.jpg

Oh yeh...did I mention a horse decided to photo bomb their session?

Brisbane family photographer-50.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-54.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-65.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-174.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-176.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-173.jpg
Brisbane family photographer-82.jpg

If you want to follow their adventures look them up on Instagram at "weekendswithsadie".

Special mention also about Indie's dress which was made by "Hello Eadie" a business run by Simone a local Brisbane mum who made it from a vintage sheet. I loved it so much I bought one for my own daughter and she made it that very night! Incredible! Look her up on Instagram also!

Love these images and want your own family's story documented?